Aaryn has the worst eyebrows I’ve ever seen


Danya Sherbakov



“I’m missing something. I’m all messed up. I’m crazy.
Blue is the warmest color - dir. Abdellatif Kechic

Bubblegum by Emily Stein


Sven de Vries by David Sessions


sexual education really needs to include hours of explaining how genitals actually work and showing pictures of how they can look and how there’s literally NO look that’s gross in any way. sexual education needs to bust myths that people actually think are true, for example that having a lot of sex makes a vagina “loose”. people should not be walking around thinking that shit like that is true when it’s the got dang year 2014.

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"You’re talking crap in front of everyone! I’m not a lesbian!"

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) dir. Abdellatif Kechiche

“My mother is worried I have mental problems.”
Submarine (2011) dir. Richard Ayoade
I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared.
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The passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.
The exhibition probes overlooked works to reveal not only the darkness and despair of his troubled existence, but also his cruelty towards his wife. Carpeaux, who was plagued by serious physical maladies and violent mood swings throughout his life, was only 48 when he died. Despite this, he was extraordinarily productive, accomplishing a vast body of work sustained at the highest level of quality.